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Our founder, Ron Haugen, is a unique fellow.  I mean, how many CEO’s of a Fortune 500 company do you know that loves to help small businesses?  Most CEO’s take their golden parachutes and ride off into the sunset.  Not Ron.  He jumped in to solve a problem he saw small businesses struggle with, over and over.  These companies just didn’t have the right tool or know-how to grow their companies.

As “The Builder”, Ron created the Three Page® system, and like a good automotive-trained man, he went and tested it.  On the one person Real Estate firm – and it worked.  On the Manufacturer that needed a turnaround—and it worked.  On the Aggregate firm with 86 batch plants—and it worked.  On the CPA, the Tax Prep company, the Prosthetics firm—the system worked and each business’s bottom line improved.  Profits increased.  Businesses grew.  Entrepreneurs got their lives back.  Families rejoiced– they could take that long-awaited vacation.  Life was good again.

Then, owners began spreading the word about Three Page®.  “Exactly what is it?” a business owner would ask when hearing about it the first time. “Is it something simple enough even I can do?”

Why does he do it?

Ron has been where you are…call it the school of harsh business reality, hard knocks, or in-the-trench training. As employee #7 at Winnebago Industries, he worked his way to C-Suite (CEO for 14 years). He helped this start-up company grow, go public, and become the darling of Wall Street (20% growth per QUARTER for over 14 quarters)!  Leading over 4000 employees through the crazy cyclical recreational vehicle marketplace, through ups and downs of recessions and oil embargos, Ron knows first hand what it takes to grow a business in the most difficult times.

Click here for the audio interview with Ron about How the Beginnings of Three Page

That’s why he built the “coolest business growth tool” ever

He took what he learned, all his wisdom and lessons learned in the trenches and he created a cool tool even a Fortune 500 company would envy.  It is SIMPLE, EASY TO USE and best of all, it gets RESULTS FAST.

Freedom to live life on your terms

At Three Page®, we’re very serious and passionate about our work.  But that doesn’t mean that we are all business.   Ron and everyone at Three Page know that the reason your started your business is for FREEDOM.  Financial Freedom. Freedom to do business with who you want, when you want and wherever you wantTo Live Life on Your Terms…Check out how Ron lives his ‘freedom’ and business lifestyle. Here’s where he’s been spotted ‘working’ recently:

Talking About Three Page       Helping at a school              Volunteering at the Gun Range