Not sure which product fits you best? Still have a Question? Keep reading…

Q. How do I choose which product if I have only one business location, or if I grow and have multiple locations?

A. If you are a startup, and have just one location, go for the Level 1. If you have an existing business and/or have 2 or more locations, definitely Level 2 product is for you. If your locations are remote and spread out geographically, very likely Level 3 is needed.

Q. Does one product work better depending on the number of employees I have?

A. If the business is a sole proprietor, with just part time or seasonal help, at only one store, and you are a startup, Level 1 is for you.

If you have at least 1 or more full time employee(s) that you depend on to keep things running smoothly, you will be better served by Level 2 so you can involve your employees in the business more and get their buy-in so the goals are ‘our’ goals, not ‘my goals’.

Q. How many items should I track?

A. Level 1 product is best when there are only a few items to track (less than 10) and the store is a single worker/single location, start-up type.

If you have more than 10 items to track, you will want Level 2, especially with multiple profit centers, multiple locations, and/or multiple employees, producers, or managers.

Level 3 will work best for many products, multiple locations and the need for each location with employee participation to report.

Q. I am a new Start-Up company/business. Do I choose Level 1 or Level 2?

A. We know that every dollar is important to start-ups. That is why we have two different price points for Start-Ups to choose from.

Most Start-ups will be completely satisfied with Level 1 to start their weekly business management. At a minimum, track Total Income/Sales and Total Costs/Expenses. This way you can also track your Cash Flow, which is critical to the survival of your business. You may determine after the first year you will need a higher Level, and can upgrade anytime.

If your new startup business has multiple employees, multiple lines of business, profit centers, or lots of product categories, you may want to start with Level 2 right away.

Q. I just bought an existing business and don’t know which product would be best?

A. Level 2 would be in your best interest to use as it can be simplified for a small business OR can be expanded to cover medium-sized businesses.

Q. I am a repair shop and want to track sales of New Parts, for example, separately from Client’s Vehicles Repairs (but each has the same sub-categories of material, labor, total sales, total costs). Which product would work best?

A. This would lend to either Level 1 or 2, but you would be better positioned for growth with Level 2.

Q. I have over 30 locations (I manage/sell franchises). Can Three Page help my franchisee’s manage their business better? Which product would be best?

A. There are many options available to help. Level 2 or Level 3 may work, depending on the uniqueness of your business.  We will want to talk to you. Contact us.