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The first year alone in using Three Page, we saw an increase of 20+% in revenues, and over 100% increase in profits!” Our growth from a Mom and Pop accounting firm to one with over 5 locations is due to Three Page.”
Dave Arndt, CPA
D K Arndt PC
Forest City, IA

We’re the largest Harley dealer in Iowa. We track five profit centers and about 15 different parameters. The Three Page System gives us more time to make business adjustments. And, it really helps us control and predict our expenses a lot better than we did before.”
Steve Minert, President
Harley Davidson of Mason City
Mason City, IA

The Three-Page system is a must for companies lacking this type of structure, and it’s priced right for small businesses of all types.”
Bill Burdick, Management & Professional Development, Continuing Education
North Iowa Area Community College
Mason City, IA

I See Big Numbers on the bottom line [after Three Page], a Difference I Never thought would show up at THIS level!”
Kurt Croell, Owner
Croell Concrete
Forest City, IA

It made me a better manager. It made the communication better. It makes everyone accountable, and actually, the people really like it. The employees like it because they know where they’re at. Nobody wants to work at a place that is losing money.”
Chuck Holland, Owner
Holland Contracting Co.
Forest City, Iowa
We’re using the Three Page Management System because we’re operating six different businesses from one office. It forces us to be more structured. Now we can really drill down on our problem areas and then come up with solutions that keep us on track.”
Brad Johnson, President
Mason City Overhead Door
Mason City, IA

The program enables us to track the cost of goods and update prices to keep our sales profitable. The format also enables us to get the input of our employees in open and organized meetings.”
Rhonda Greenberg & Sharon Faircloth, Owners
Paradise Interiors
Scottsdale, AZ

Completing the Three Page Management System planning process has helped us to be more deliberate about our business. Maintaining the tracking numbers has insisted that we check the numbers monitoring our success regularly and consistently. The whole process keeps us on target with our goals.”
Catherine Synon
Dean’s Mailing
Phoeniz AZ

We used the weekly tracker meetings to help build a far more productive team of motivated employees. Once we had the new team in place, we finished the quarter 7% above our forecast.”
Sander and Lana Nassan, Owners
Prosthetic Orthotic Associates
Scottsdale, AZ

The program keeps me accountable for what I buy in promotions and what I require.”
Missy Ellsworth, Owner
Trading Places
Surprise, AZ

Find out how a former soap opera actress from “Days of Our Lives” ended up as a Main Street Business Owner, and credits Three Page with helping her survive her first year in business!
Julie Keeley, Owner
Scoopy Dos
Forest City, IA

Three Page helped us triple our Profits from $17 Million to over $51 Million! Our Co-op’s average sales per employee is now 40% higher than the average Iowa Co-op thanks to Three Page.”
Randy Broedster, General Manager
Farmers Co-Op Association
Forest City, IA

Everything from our weekly meetings is documented and it’s very easy to print out different colored tracking charts. Everybody’s on the same page—I wouldn’t change a thing.”
Cynthia Paulus, Business Manager
Eternity Wireless
Mason City, IA